• Forbes: "Limited Fiscal Sponsorship: A New Tool In The Arsenal Of Social Enterprise"

    Forbes writes on fiscal sponsorship as a tool for social enterprise and a way for both sponsors and projects to meet their missions and increase social good.
  • TSNE Executive Director Jonathan Spack Responds to Proposed IRS Form 1023-EZ

    The Internal Revenue Service recently posted for comment a proposed Form 1023-EZ, which would radically change the application approval process for public charities. Third Sector New England Executive Director and NNFS Steering Committee Chair Jonathan Spack responds with the article "An Ill-advised 'Solution' to a Serious Problem".
  • Overhead Myth

    June 18, 2013 In a historic move, the leaders of the country’s three leading sources of information on nonprofits – GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and BBB Wise Giving Alliance – penned an open letter to the donors of America denouncing the “overhead ratio” as a valid indicator of nonprofit performance.
  • Fiscal Sponsor Directory

    The San Francisco Study Center maintains this directory of fiscal sponsors across the United States. The Fiscal Sponsor Directory is searchable by state, issue area, and keyword.
  • Asphalt Matters

    May 2013 article by Paul Vandeventer about the things we take for granted in infrastructure.
  • A Mission to Manage

    April 2013 article from the Boston Herald about Future Chefs and how it values its relationship with Third Sector New England.
  • The Nonprofit as Nonstarter

    This article appeared in the August 30, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal and explores fiscal sponsorship from the perspective of dance companies in New York City.
  • NNFS Appoints New Steering Committee Chair and Moves Home to Third Sector New England

    Third Sector New England announced that its Executive Director, Jonathan Spack, will take over as chair of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors (NNFS) Steering Committee for 2013-14.