Steering Committee, Partners, and Members

The National Network of Fiscal Sponsors Steering Committee, Partner and Member organizations are listed below. The NNFS is comprised of organizations that are broadly representative of the models and missions in the practice of fiscal sponsorship across the country.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee guides, governs and sets priorities for the NNFS, developing strategic planning and and delivering programming for the network.

Colorado Nonprofit Development Center

Community Initiatives

Community Partners

Earth Island Institute

Fractured Atlas 

Fusion Partnerships, Inc. 

TSNE MissionWorks 


Urban Affairs Coalition


NNFS Partners are experienced fiscal sponsors who have completed an extensive self-evaluation of their best practices designed by the NNFS Steering Committee, and provide leadership and input on the development of NNFS activities and events. If your organization is interested in becoming an NNFS Partner, please email the Network Coordinator at .

CultureTrust Philadelphia 

International Documentary Association (IDA) 

Jumpstart LA

New Venture Fund

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) 


Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

San Francisco Study Center

The Field 

United Charitable Programs


NNFS is currently piloting a new membership level open to both individuals and organizations. To become an NNFS member, please complete the NNFS Member Registration Form

Member organizations are fiscal sponsors who want to build their fiscal sponsorship capacity, join a learning community, and network with other fiscal sponsors. Member organizations are also other nonprofit and for-profit organizations, such as foundations, management support organizations, or legal or accounting firms who have a substantial professional stake in the practice of fiscal sponsorship. 

Adler & Colvin

ArtSpot Productions 

Association of American Publishers Foundation

Battle Creek Community Foundation 

Bay Area Community Resources 

C4 Atlanta

Center for Transformative Action

Colorado Foundation for Public Health and the Environment 

Common Counsel Foundation 

Dance Resource Center 

The Federation of Neighborhood Centers 

Foundation for California Community Colleges

Foundation for Louisiana 

The Giving Back Fund 

Global Horizons, Inc. 

Humanitarian Social Innovations

Institute for Nonprofit News

LAC + USC Medical Center Foundation, Inc.

MAP for Nonprofits 

The Marion Institute 

The Miami Foundation 

National Performance Network/Visual Artists Network 

NEO Law Group 

NEO Philanthropy 


The Ocean Foundation 

Pasadena Arts Council 

Public Health Foundation Enterprises

Rainier Valley Corps

Resources for Human Development - New Beginnings 

Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment 

San Francisco Public Health Foundation 

Silicon Valley Community Foundation 

Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs 

Social Impact Fund 

Technical Assistance Partnership of Arizona 

Tennessee State Collaborative on Reforming Education 

Utah Film Center 

Women Make Movies 

Member individuals are those (board members, staff, volunteers) who are part of an fiscal sponsorship organization that is not an NNFS organization member, and whose work will be improved by participating in knowledge-sharing and field-building. They may also be interested professionals who work in or adjacent to the field, such as attorneys, accountants, funders, consultants, social entrepreneurs, or staff at non-fiscal sponsor nonprofits, who are interested in supporting the practice of fiscal sponsorship and deepening their individual understanding of the field.

Liz Alkire (Community Foundation of Louisville)

Diane Bauer (Michigan Fitness Foundation) 

Naomi Botkin (Cascadia Now!)

Justin Brezhnev (Hacker Fund)

Lisa Burger (Independent Arts and Media)

Claudia DeMoss (The Dallas Foundation)

John Henderson (Green Spaces for DC) 

Peggy Ellithorpe (Austin Creative Alliance)

Della Herden (Center for Transformative Action)

Ryn Miake-Lye 

Linda Milbourn (New Mexico Community Foundation)

Andrew Schulman (Schulman Consulting) 

Jena Schwirtz (SOMArts)

Jennie Starr (Tarbuton)

Sherrye Willis (Alliance for Greater Works)

Tom Hutchings (Pensacola Community Action Network)